GEETAANJALI VATIKA PVTLTD believes in doing things the right way. The group infuses excellence in each aspect of the construction process to create wonderful living spaces. Its entire foundation encompasses of a strong quest and consciousness for quality. We never negotiation on quality. We believe that quality is the way to complete a superior result..



GEETANJALI VATIKA PVT LTD knows that its customers have invested a lot of important time and money in their dreams. The group values its customer’s trust and, therefore, is dedicated to deliver their dreams. Geetanjali Vatika Pvt Ltd recognize that your time is valuable that's why it deliver all projects on time and deliver more then what it promises..



As the world moves forward, we must keep in step that's why we seek and discover in every action a way to do things enhanced, always better. Geetanjali Vatika always thrives to choose new technologies and manners so as to improve the quality of construction and deliver the best..

world Class Children Park

First Green City in Patna

Prime Location in Patna

Geetanjali Real Estate is one of the world's leading property investment and asset managers. ... The goal hereby is the development and management of a globally diversified and centrally managed real estate portfolio on behalf of the Geetanjali investors.

Geetanjali Vatika Green City